8 Part Time Business Ideas For The Kenyan College Student

Working part time as a college student is manageable

The average Kenyan college student is broke and barely getting by. This statement might sound like an exaggeration. Fact is, it’s also far from inaccurate. Life at this stage of learning can be challenging to say the least. Most students live off meagre pocket money and allowances. Some level of financial freedom need not be unattainable in college. There is such a thing as ‘part time’ business…

8 Part Time Business Opportunities 

1. Selling Snacks

You can start this venture with an initial investment of as little as 1,000 Ksh or less. Snacks like njugu and maandazi are a favorite among university learners. You can either make these snacks yourself or buy wholesale. If your institution has a canteen have them stocked there.

Smoked/grilled sausages (smokies) are another popular snack. Buy equipment (grill and burner) and sell these after classes to make extra money.

2. Online Clothing Store

If you have a decent following on Facebook and Instagram, this is an idea that could work great for you. Whether new or secondhand, market clothes on social media and get purchasers while comfortably attending to school duties. Create a customer base among your college mates as well, to increase clientele.

3. Blogging/Freelance Writing 

Those few leisure hours after the day’s studies could be spent writing freelance. If you do not have the resources to start your own blog, apply to write for an established one. Writing freelance will not only earn you cash, but also improve your project and thesis writing prowess.

4. Tutoring 

Another idea that requires little or no initial investment. As a graduate student, you can offer tutoring services at university, secondary and primary school levels. Source for prospects in need of such services and teach classes after classes.

5. Weekend Carwash Business 

If your institution is located near a busy street, this is a good business to start. Create a partnership with a few of your college mates. Get your hands clean washing cars for pocket money! Your first target market should be lecturers and other staff in your school who own vehicles.

6. Hairdressing 

You do not need to open or work in a salon as a hairdresser. Your first customers should be classmates. The good thing about hairdressing is, you will never run out of clients. Especially if you are truly gifted in the skill. Create time after school or during weekends to offer this service at a fee.

7. Residential Window Cleaning 

Look for a nearby area or estate where you can clean windows during your free time. Residential window cleaning requires little capital to start. This is the kind of venture that might make you a mini millionaire before graduation day!

8. Selling Groceries 

Run a grocery kibanda during evening hours to make extra coins. Consider delivering groceries directly to  customers as well. Location is crucial for the success of this enterprise. Make sure to position your stall strategically, keeping that in mind.

Which business opportunity would best fit your college schedule? Do you have others you would like to add to my list?




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