9 Small Businesses To Start In Meru Town, Kenya

Business Ideas in Meru

Where is the best place to start a small business in Kenya? Anywhere! Really, anywhere. True entrepreneurs don’t limit their ambition to big cities. Successful businesses can be established in smaller locations too. Consider Meru county as one such location.

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about Meru is Miraa. As we all well know, Miraa farming has been a source of livelihood for many residents of this area.

However, there are numerous other businesses one can start in Meru. I will focus on small enterprise ideas that are easy to start. Here’s our list of nine best small businesses to start in Meru.

1. Start Farming

I know what you are thinking. Half of Kenyans are farmers! Why would you want to venture into a business saturated with competition?

Well, because one, there are untapped farming opportunities and two, you are unemployed.

There’s a variety of farming activities going on in Meru especially in Imenti area. Think of a new or existing idea for farming and start one in Meru. Don’t forget to do extensive research!

2. Venture into Daycare Business

Meru town is a fast growing urban location with a sizable working population. A day care center is a lucrative business in such areas. If you have a caring hand for children you can open one even in an extra room in your house. Close to no capital needed to start.

3. Movie Shop

Movie shops can earn you a decent income. You need only 30k or less to start. The secret to a successful movie shop is location. Open one in a popular mall or near a university to target your market.

4. Tailoring

There’s a wide variety of things you can do as a tailor. Think bigger than sewing rags and seams! You can design clothes for customers or even apply for tenders to make uniforms for schools… I could go on and on. Maximize your abilities!

5. Ice cream Shop

Everybody loves a sweet treat! Open an ice cream shop selling various flavors to attract customers. You can use your shop to sell other sweet snacks like cakes and cookies.

6. Grocery Kiosk

‘Mama mboga’ stores can be found in every estate corner. With the booming farming industry in Meru your store will never lack fresh supplies! I know a lady who makes 15 ksh a month selling collard greens alone.

Imagine how much more you will make stocking all kinds of groceries if you choose to start a grocery kiosk.

7. Car wash Business

Make money cleaning cars wherever you identify that gap. This has got to be one of the easiest businesses to open anywhere.

8. Salon/Barbershop

Good grooming is essential which is why men and women pay frequent visits to salons and barbershops. If you have to walk a small distance to find one there’s your business!

9. Sell Secondhand Clothes

There is literally nowhere you cannot buy a mitumba bale and sell clothes! You can market your clothes on social media to make more sales.

Do you have more small business ideas one can start in Meru? Feel free to add to this list.

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