9 Low Cost Business Ideas For The Kenyan Entrepreneur 2020

Become an entrepreneur

A good number of Kenyans run small businesses. Given the unemployment rate, having your own hustle has become a necessity for survival. The first challenge any potential entrepreneur faces is identifying a viable business opportunity.

The second is acquiring the resources to start a business.

Luckily, setting up a small enterprise in Kenya requires little or no money in some cases. That said, becoming your
own boss could be as easy as doing the following;

1. Residential Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaning is a successful venture why not residential? A lot of people consider washing windows an inconvenience. Build a customer base before you start. Target especially residences of high rise apartments. Get your hands clean washing windows!

2. Door To Door Grocery Delivery

There's always people you know who spend a fortune purchasing groceries at supermarkets. This is your target market. Offer to buy those groceries from local markets at cheaper costs and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

3. Selling Snacks In Offices

Every office worker loves 10 am tea with a snack! Choose to either deliver to individuals or get permission to make snacks for an entire office. Anybody who cooks good food can sell it!

4. Personal Gym Instructor

Are you a fitness junkie? Do you know people who would love to keep fit but need a little personal motivation? Make your passion for physical wellness and health a source of income. Become a fitness entrepreneur.

5. Photography

We are living in the Instagram generation. A generation obsessed with taking pictures. Professional experience is not necessary to start this business. Buy a quality camera and learn basics of of good photography online. Market your skills on social media and begin getting appointments!

6. Personal Makeup Artist

A woman’s outfit is incomplete without a well made up face. I have hired a makeup artist a few times myself. There are a million tutorials on YouTube where anyone can learn this art. Find customers anywhere and enhance women’s natural beauty for a fee!

7. Open An Online Clothing Store

Step one

Have many followers and friends on your social media accounts.

Step two

Buy fashionable secondhand mitumba clothing.

Step three

Market your clothing online.

Step four

Make sales. Step five, make more sales.

Step six

Get rich.

Step seven… OK you get the picture. Unleash the entrepreneur in you. Start this business TODAY.

8. Dress and Suit Renting

Getting the right outfit for an event can be stressful and expensive. Who would not want to step out in a designer gown or suit for a few thousands? Someone once said, “If you can’t own it, rent it.”

9. Private Tutoring

I did this for a while after high school. I taught a few primary school students extra classes in my mom’s living room. You can tutor at different levels depending on your education experience. This can be done on a larger scale with up to fifty students or more.

Consider starting a small business today. It is better to be productive doing the little you can than being idle with big dreams.

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