10 Best Paying Freelance Jobs In Kenya For 2020

Freelance jobs

Thinking about going freelance? There are numerous job opportunities and benefits of choosing this path. We are living in the age of technological advancement. Working on freelance basis has been made possible, wherever you are! The convenience of it all!

I have compiled a list here of some of the best paying freelance jobs that anyone can do online;

1. Writing

A good number of freelancers write on content mill sites. No special experience is required to start a career in this field.

You can choose to become either a copywriter or content writer, blogging and writing articles for websites and such.

The more words you write the higher the income so write faster! You can also take free writing courses to get on your foot if you need to.

2. Marketing On The Internet

Marketing is a necessary tool to maximize a company’s sales and to push for brand recognition.

A company with an online presence can benefit greatly from the services a good online marketer provides such as; email marketing, social media and content marketing.

Take advantage of companies already showing interest in online marketing to get yourself a freelance marketing job.

3. Developing Websites

Developing Websites is high in demand as more firms realize the need for one.

The best part is, this skill is easy to learn. Anyone can master the basics of installing WordPress and portfolio sites using HTML and CSS. It’s easy.

But not everyone has the time to sit in front of a computer doing this. Use your expertise to get freelance jobs in this field.

4. Video Editing

There is a video editor behind every quality YouTube vlog.

Experience in Adobe Premiere Pro is necessary to earn a living doing this professionally. Keep perfecting your video editing skills and aim for bigger jobs like editing whole movies.

5. Online Consultancy

If you have sufficient knowledge on a particular discipline you can become an online consultant.

You could be a professional accountant, working in the field of medicine or advertising and make extra money offering expert advise on the internet.

6. Programming

Find freelance jobs for large firms looking to improve it’s information management and earn decent income as a programmer.

The more skilled you are the higher the chances of landing big projects. Programming is relatively on high demand as more firms depend on automation to run tasks.

7. Social Media Coordinating

Handle and manage social media platforms for businesses to earn extra income.

You only need to be an online expert to qualify for this job. Most establishments have a Facebook and Instagram page so apply for this position on their accounts.

8. Freelance Translating Jobs

If you fluently speak two or more languages get certification and become a translator.

This is an opportunity many Kenyans can take advantage of as most are bilingual. You can also take courses to learn international languages like French and Chinese.

9. Illustrating

If you have an artistic talent for creating graphics, drawings, logos and the like, work as a freelance illustrator.

Acquire skills to improve your abilities and get paid to complete projects. Another way to make money from art is by selling it online.

Draw portraits, make paintings and market yourself on the internet.

10. Game Developing

Do you know anyone who is obsessed with video games and has vast gaming experience? Advise them to consider building games for a living.

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