How To Make Money Online In Kenya with Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Wring jobs

The best part about freelance writing is, you don’t need any experience to start writing for pay. Both experienced and inexperienced writers can find numerous opportunities online. But, how does someone who’s never written anything for pay begin making money online?

Through various ways!

In this post we discuss various ways to make money online as a freelancer.

It is my pleasure to take you through different writing gigs that most Kenyans are currently benefiting from.

But first,

You’ll Need to Create An Account With a Writing Website

There are many online websites where beginner and pro writers can find paying projects. Open accounts with a few of such platforms to begin your freelance writing career;

  1. PeoplePerHour~A beginner friendly website with quality clients.
  2. Upwork~One of the largest websites for different categories of writers and web designers.
  3. WowWomenOnWriting~A platform created specifically for women as the name suggests.
  4. RemoteOK~Find meaningful projects to build your portfolio on this site.
  5. Toptal~A reputable website for freelance web developers and consultants.

You can apply for as many jobs as you can manage to maximize earnings.

Start a Blog

Set up a domain name and hosting account on platforms like WordPress and live journal. A reasonable fee is required to complete the process of creating a self hosted blog.

Begin creating content that is popular enough to build a following. This stage will test your patience but the results will prove to be worthwhile. The larger your following the more money your blog will make.

Write E-books

In this digital age online books are becoming more popular.

Write a book in any genre and sell it as an e-book. Market your content on social media sites to maximize sales.

Upcoming authors just looking to share their talent with the world should consider signing up on sites like

Use The Power Of Social Media

Facebook and Instagram aren’t just for pictures and likes.

They are also a great tool for writers to sell content.

If you have a huge following on these sites create a page and source for individuals interested in hiring  or purchasing your work. ‘Online freelancing’ is not limited to websites and blogs.

Make Money Guest Blogging

If you lack the domain authority sufficient to start and maintain a successful blog consider guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a great way to build links to your website and share ideas with other bloggers. And it is as much a better way to earn some passive cash if you write for pay.

Write Articles For Online Magazines

Apply to write content for newspapers and magazines with online websites. You can start as a ‘guest writer’ for a local newspaper and slowly build a reputation to get more opportunities.

Teach Beginner Freelancers

This is an interesting way to make money with your writing skills!

If you know individuals who have a passion for writing but don’t know where to start, offer to teach a few basics. Get creative and create a forum online for beginner writers.

Give short classes at a reasonable cost. Make this your full time business.


The most effective way of making money online through writing is to be passionate. The right attitude, practice and a genuine love for the skill are important tools to get ahead in this field. 

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