How To Start a Residential Window Cleaning Business In Kenya

Residential window cleaning is a viable business idea.

When was the last time you washed your windows? Probably ages ago right? That’s what makes residential  window cleaning such a viable business opportunity. It’s that simple chore most people never get round to doing.

There are firms in Kenya which offer window washing services as part of a ‘general cleaning’ package. So this business idea is definitely not untapped. But you could choose to start it ‘small’ as a sole proprietor. By small i mean a starting capital of less than 5,000 Ksh. Yes, you read that right.

What You Will Need To Start;

1. No license in the beginning. Your first target market will be your ‘hood’. You won’t need a license to clean your neighbor’s  window. Just like those laundry ladies dont need one. If business is picking though, legalise it. It is important to give an expanding business that ‘professional face’.

2. Cleaning apparatus and materials. You will need something more sophisticated than soap and water. The good news is, you can find everything you need at your local supermarket.

• Sponges and squeegee for a perfect fluff free wash. Pick a squeegee with a

movable handle made of plastic.

• Buckets and liquid soap for a dirt free finish. You could buy pane spray for that

that extra sheen but that could add costs. The cheaper alternative is

microfiber cloths and surgical towels. These effectively clean without leaving

out streaks.

• Gloves and scrapers for extra dusty and grimy windows. Scrapers do a wonderful

job removing century old permanent grime.

• Extension poles and ladders. You will need these for tall windows and high rise

buildings. I would choose an extension pole over a ladder as it is more portable.

• A tool box to carry around your cleaning tools.

• A mop to dry floors after cleaning and extra spray bottles.

3. Determination and consistency. Any business requires these two tools to succeed. Dont expect profits without putting in the work. Dont forget, the best advertisement is a job well done!

Let’s look at the next thing you will need to do before starting this business;

How To Charge Customers;

Potential customers will want to know how much it will cost to have their windows cleaned. With an initial investment of less than 5,000 Ksh, monthly returns won’t be costly. You should not incurr high transport expenses if your area of residence is densely populated. Depending on the type of window, charge between 350 to 500 Ksh for a single residence.

If you manage to clean windows for 100 homes in a month for instance, your gross profit will be 35,000 to 50,000 Ksh. Decent income if you ask me. Dont get excited though, getting the numbers will be a challenge at first. Your target market should be specific. Prioritise prospective customers living in high rise apartments.

Don’t forget to…

Always clean clients’ windows from the outside. Some clients will have an issue having a stranger in their house.

Develop a system for organising and running your business efficiently. You might need to provide receipts and invoices. A good system will fulfill such tasks easily.

Are you ready to start a residential window cleaning business today???


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