How To Start A Successful Online Business In Kenya 2020

online business

Thinking about starting an online business but don’t know where to start?

This article will give you an insight on the process involved in starting one. Every entrepreneur’s ultimate goal is to build a successful business that makes profits. Getting to that point requires critical analysis and making informed steps and possibly planning to scale.

Let’s start with the basics;

Identify a Market Gap

First things first, find a need that needs to be fulfilled. This could be either a new or existing product. Most businesses prefer to cater to a market that’s already in existence.

Do Research

Gather as much information as possible about the product or service, market and competition if any. What can you do differently to have an advantage over your competitors? Know and understand needs of the potential consumer.

Write a Business Plan

Describe the steps required to establish the business in every aspect. Indicate the capital and human resources necessary to start. A well organised business plan is a crucial tool for both an entrepreneur and potential investor.

Acquire Funds

Without capital an idea cannot be brought to life. The reason I love online businesses is most times, not much is required to start one. Convince able individuals to invest in your venture if unable to pool monetary resources by yourself.

Register Your Business

There’s a myth that online businesses do not need to be registered. Avoid future legal trouble and have it registered. Buy a domain name with endings like .com and .net to ensure easier access to your website.

Set Up a Website

The quality of your website will determine the success of your online business. If the cons outweigh the pros of creating your own web store consider offering your products on online marketplaces such as Amazon and jabong.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

An effective way to advertise your web is by using ppc ads and providing information for free to other sites to improve search engine rankings. Another way is by writing content to attract readers and potential buyers.

Consider The Type Of Business

Certain online businesses have been identified to be more successful than others. These include; blogging, YouTube and podcasting, affiliate marketing, software and mobile apps and consultancy. Your goal should to be set up a business that’s easy to start and maintain but with high income returns over a relatively short time period.

Keep Advertising!

It’s not enough to only use search engines to drive traffic to your website.

There are many other ways to make your product known. Advertise on other platforms including social media, make business cards, make blog posts, using television and newspapers is not yet outdated!


Take these steps to start a business on the cheaper online medium. If you already have a business that could benefit from an online presence follow this procedure to increase sales! Consider trying a more beneficial online venture like those i have mentioned if the one you currently run is not profitable.

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