The Equity Wings To Fly Scholarship for 2020

Equity wings to fly

I have heard it said that education is more valuable than gold; once you acquire it, it cannot be stolen. The value of education must have been the driving force behind the establishment of ‘equity wings to fly foundation’. This organisation was started in 2008 by equity group and Master Card foundation to provide full secondary school scholarships for standard 8 level students.

So far the foundation has sponsored over 16,000 students and is receiving scholarship applications for 2020. To qualify for a scholarship one must be a student affected by such circumstances;

One, is orphaned without a guardian to facilitate further studies in secondary school.

Two, has parents suffering from or living with a medical condition that limits their

ability to properly provide. This includes mentally and physically challenged parents.

Three, comes from a family living in abject poverty. Such a circumstance would lead to a

lack of funds to provide basic needs including education.

Four, a student whose education is hindered as a result of civil war, drought, flooding and

such natural disasters.

Lastly, one who has been abandoned by the parents or guardians.

A potential beneficiary must also have achieved academic excellence. Specifically the top 5 percent in the district of residence.

A student who wins a scholarship is guaranteed full payment of school fee for the entire 4 year period in secondary school. The foundation also buys books, uniforms and provides pocket money till the final class of high school.

This scholarship is very generous indeed!

Are you interested in applying for one today? The procedure is simple.

How to Apply for Equity Wings to Fly Scholarship 

~Visit any equity bank branch where you will get an application form

~Fill the complete form and take it back to the bank. Attach your result slip, death

certificates if an orphan and a few other relevant documents as indicated on the

wings to fly foundation’ website.

~If you get shortlisted, the district scholarship selection board will contact you for an

an interview.

Keep your fingers crossed!

If for whatever reason you prefer to submit an application online follow these steps;

-Visit the equity wings to fly foundation’ website.

-Accurately fill out the form provided.

-Confirm and enter the code indicated on the page

-Fill out your full application details.

-Download the recommended form and fill it. Scan and upload to website.

Wait for that interview call.

The wings to fly foundation’ has been a blessing to many deserving students.

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