8 Best Freelance Writing Websites That Pay Through Mpesa

Get Paid Via Mpesa

There is a good number of freelancers in Kenya working online either as part or full time freelancers. And they earn good income working from home.

Majorly, this success is attributed to numerous content mill sites providing opportunities for content creators today.

Notwithstanding the quantity of work you get online though, you want to work with a site which has convenient payment options. Lest you work and not get paid.

The fastest way to receive money from such sites in Kenya is via mpesa.

In this post I have gathered a list of 8 local and international websites that offer the option of wiring cash straight to Freelancer’s mpesa accounts beginning with;

1. Upwork

Upwork is the largest international content mill site that allows mpesa as a payment method for registered users in Kenya.

Money from upwork to mpesa transfers immediately or takes a maximum of 24 hours on weekdays and next business day on weekends. Log in to upwork.com for more information.

2. Academia Research

This local website mostly posts jobs for academic writers.

To gain access to the opportunities available on Academia Research, either open an account with them or join their Facebook page with 59k members.

There you will get projects that pay anywhere from 100 to 6,000 ksh via mpesa.

3. Kenyayote.com

Launched by Kyote internet group Ltd in 2012, Kenyayote is a local site that focuses on education news. If you are a freelance writer specializing in education journalism apply for jobs on their website or social media accounts.

4. Muthurwa.com

A Kenyan online page created for the young and talented freelance writer. You can write a variety of content like e-books, magazines, recipes, CVs among others and sell them on this site. You can also make money referring customers to Muthurwa.com.

5. iWriter.com

Are you looking to earn money on a reliable international freelance writing website? Try iWriter.com

You will need sufficient experience in your relevant skill to land projects on this site as it is crowded and competitive.

iWriter is yet to develop a system of direct payments to mpesa. It pays via PayPal and Skrill. However,it is still easy to transfer funds from PayPal and Skrill to Mpesa.

The process and duration of receiving cash is shorter compared to using a bank.

6. Joon.co.ke

Joon Online is an information platform for investment opportunities found on the internet.

This platform also sources freelance writers regularly and it pays via mpesa.

Here are it’s submission guidelines: –

  1. First send an email to info@joon.co.ke titled “Joon guest post” and introduce yourself
  2. All articles must be written in proper English
  3. Only send your articles when then are finished – to mean proofread and spell checked
  4. It is OK to promote a product which resonates with our blog but the websites linked to must have do follow links.
  5. We do not accept affiliate links on any guest post
  6. Send us a few article ideas before writing your post – it will save you time because we can’t approve everything
  7. We accept guest posts related to Blogging in general and personal finance related posts – Business ideas, Forex and Options Trading and Making money online
  8. Original content only. Do not rewrite, do not refurbish. We will know!
  9. Post must be at least 900 words but you can write more if you want to
  10. Include images and videos where possible
  11. Put your bio at the end

7. Healthy Frankie

This is a health and Wellness Website by Joon Online marketers. Healthy Frankie accepts freelance articles on health topics in Kenya. And they pay via Mpesa. Every Friday.

8. Kenya Forex Expo 

Kenya Forex Expo is a new website in Kenya. Its objective is to bring together all the major brokers, Forex fin-techs and financial institutions in annual exhibitions to be held in the country.

This platform also does regular blogs on Forex and Options trading.

Write broker reviews for Kenya Forex Expo to get paid regularly via Mpesa.

9. Ouya Ojeje Blog

Ouya Ojeje is a subsidiary Business News and Blogging Website of Joon Online Mall. It is duly registered in Kenya and it accepts paid business, feature and lifestyle news.

Ouya Ojeje will pay you through Mpesa on Friday.

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